Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fabric Sale!!!!


A retired teacher recently died (I didn't know her) and left an EXTENSIVE stash of fabric and other craft supplies. Her son, Steve, is doing his best to liquidate her stash. As I understand it, he has already purchased 2 cars for his kids with proceeds thus far! Yes, she had a STASH!!!

  • The single fabrics are now $2.50 a yard (down from $3.50 a yard).
  • The bundles are $2 a FQ. Thus a kit of 12 is $24.
The Bernina 1130 is $950 and has free shipping. It was recently serviced and has extra feet
He also sent a link to photos of the fabric. Click here, or use this link:
If you'd like to help him and see something you him at Make him an offer - he may be willing to negotiate...just saying...

Yesterday's hike was more than an hour and took us by THREE different lakes. Woohoo!

Need a bit of help here. Hubby bought three of these plants at Walmart soon after we moved into our cottage. They are doing so well at the end of our driveway. ALL our neighbors want to know what they are. Unfortunately Hubby can't remember. Do you know? 
Tomorrow I'm sharing my new marking tools for marking quilts for quilting! Stay tuned! 


  1. You had me at "sale"! HA Look forward to what you use for marking. I've been hooked on Bohin (white) mechanical pencil. Love it..nice fine line and removes easily.

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous. I think they might be called celosia. This is a large variety of plants with very different appearances.

  3. That's a great thing you are doing spreading the word. I could be that retired teacher, if I hadn't gotten rid of a lot of stuff myself. I don't think my children will be able to buy even one car. LOL Thanks for the information.


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