Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hand Quilting

What fun to be hand quilting again - it has been a few months since I worked on this! I finished the second (of four) blocks on this row. 

Today Bliss is up on the schedule - more patterning to do. But I have a 9 am hair appointment and that will eat into my time a bit. That's okay - I think the rest of the pattern will go quickly! 

We are hitting the pool EARLY this morning because of my hair cut. Then hubby will be off to the golf course and I'll leave for my errands. We've been watching You Tube videos of swimming instructions, trying to improve our strokes. (FYI - yesterday I did 50 laps...go me!)

I will have to say that the two best gifts my mother gave to me when I was young were swimming lessons and a love of reading. Hubby really did not get either, but he is athletic and has learned to swim over the years by watching our girls when they were young and on a swim team. He's really gotten very good at it. 

When our girls were young, we spent summer mornings at our city pool. They are both strong swimmers. On summer afternoons we read books. Weekly trips to the public library were a necessity. Summers were all about swimming and reading.

Here's wishing you an active and productive day! 


  1. What a great look to your hand quilting of that area. My mother taught me to read way before I started first grade - no kinder then in Texas. That was the best gift she ever gave me, too.

  2. Wow - 50 laps! Way to go. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt being hand quilted. Blessings,

  3. I too love swimming and have comeback to it later in life. I do approx 50 lengths which I have now worked out to be about half a mile. Look forward to it each week, even better if I get the pool to myself!!!! I do think it goes so well with quilting sets you up for a relaxing afternoon quilting. Can't wait to see Bliss finished.

  4. I don't even own a bathing suit any more! Which makes my grand kids laugh (since we are snow birds in Florida during the winter!).


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