Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Swimming and Sewing and Patterning!

44 laps this morning!!! I've built my endurance slowly and today I felt like I could swim forever. Hubby went along today and he was amazed at how much I can do. He'll catch up with me before long. I'm truly glad I injured my foot! I would have never rediscovered swimming otherwise. The foot is feeling better, but I'm hooked on swimming now.

A little hand stitching happened last night. Birmingham peeps: do you recognize one of the fabrics???

This one! We had to use this fabric in a challenge for the guild - this was 'way out there' back in that day. But today it feels modern and fresh!

I stuck to my schedule yesterday and made great progress on patterning the last section of Bliss. Yay!
Today machine quilting Summer on the Beach is up!

I wish you a happy day!


  1. 40! Wow...good for you! Have you measured how far a lap is? that's fantastic!!!

  2. We were just ahead of our time, Judy!


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