Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The electricians were here all morning yesterday. They hung our new chandeliers over the dining room table - love them! I found them on-line. They also replaced the 'builder grade' pendants over the island with some I also found on-line. And they hung two ceiling fans on our front porch. Oh, and they added an outlet on our screened porch. So glad to have this done!

Despite all this going on around me - I did manage to unpack and sort through 3 more boxes. I must have miscounted before - I have 7 more boxes to go. Plus a stack of plastic bins.  My goal is to finish this task by the end of the week. So I've put aside feather quilting, hexie sewing, etc. I didn't quite plan on this unpacking stuff this week, but I'm so glad to get some things out of storage. I know I have a few more boxes still at the storage unit that are marked 'Sewing Room' - but I left them for now.

Today I have a painter coming to touch up a door mid-morning. So Cooper and I need to head out for our walk before then. Hubby has hit the golf course - yay him!

And for me....more boxes!


  1. Beautiful chandeliers! You are really accomplishing a lot, and at times like these, sewing has to take second place ... until you can't stand it another minute!

  2. I love your chandeliers! I really need to replace mine, but have other things that "need" to be done first. Totally boring and non-fun things like a new driveway! Phooey! I hate spending money on things that don't really feel like decorating!!!


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