Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A BLISSful Day! (And The Oatmeal Pumpkin Bar Recipe)

Yesterday was all about BLISS! (But I did finish this block last night.) I stitched the final section together. Then I stitched two big sections together. Today I'll stitch the other two sections to the mother ship. TODAY the Bliss quilt top will be completed! Yippee!

I save my hand piecing for in the evenings. After I finished this Farmer's Daughter block, I gathered more fabric and cut out another block.

Some people ask why I would want to hand piece when I've got a perfectly wonderful sewing machine sitting a few feet away?

1. Some blocks are so intricate or have such severe curves that machine piecing them accurately is almost impossible.

2. Hand piecing is easy - just stitch along the lines. (Be sure your stitches are tiny!)

3. Hand piecing is relaxing.

4. Hand piecing is portable.

5. Hand piecing is faster than you might think!

I was asked for the Oatmeal Pumpkin Bar recipe - find it HERE! I did not use any sugar substitute as called for - I used regular brown sugar. If you want a 'normal' amount of sweetness you will want to double the sugar. But I like them the way they are! And no...Hubby has not had another one... haha, more for me!


  1. I am just crazy about this block!! So cool...and I agree with your thoughts on hand stitching. I love hand work!!

  2. I completely agree with what you said about hand piecing. Besides, with the wonderful Indian summer weather we are having why would I want to be tied to my machine when I could be sitting outside on my porch as I sew?


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