Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Boxes Down...

Not a great picture, but...maybe it illustrates what I'm doing with all this fabric I brought back from the storage unit. My mother had given this handing shelf unit months ago and it's going to be great for this. 

I'm ironing each piece of fabric, sorting them by color, and placing them here on the shelves.  These fabrics are not as old as all my fabric that I cut into 2.5 inch strips and I've decided to keep them in fat quarters and chunks. 2 boxes down...eight more to go! I am discarding tiny scraps and putting aside some fabrics I just don't want any longer - I'll give those to friends.

Look what came in the mail yesterday! My daughter has been ordering some of these - and I'd been wanting to try them. Hello Fresh sends 3 meals for 2 people, ready to prepare in 30 minutes or less. 

Each meal is in a nice little box (which are perfect to store fat quarters in later!). The ingredients are SO FRESH! Last night we had Sesame Shrimp - I've never seen such fresh shrimp!

Everything you see on the plate was included in the box, even the fresh lime. It was FABULOUS!

Our chandeliers are getting hung today! Yay!

So now I'd better go and iron and fold more... have a wonderful day!


  1. My friend gets meals in the mail too...not sure which company. Glad you enjoyed them. I now my friend does and has her hubby cook with her. Personally, I don't want hubby in my kitchen...I stay out of his workroom...ha So nice to get organized with the fabric. Good job!

  2. A friend and I were talking about this the other day. It makes good sense for single people! Double the meals for the same price. =)


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