Thursday, September 29, 2016

Work Day

Poor SeaDoo - stuck on its lift for the winter. Today is a work day, mostly for hubby. He'll mow, weed eat, put the cover on SeaDoo, fix a light fixture, and a few more things. I'll be cleaning inside (and basting hexies).

We grilled out last night - burgers for dinner and smoked sausage for tonight. Looked away for a minute and Cooper scarfed down half the sausages! That dog! Luckily there are enough left for tonight's dinner.

 The weather is a bit cooler today! The high will only be 83 - a big improvement! I'm leashing up the dogs for a walk before I do anything else. 

Go forth and hexie!


  1. wait a minute, that same dog that ate your bread not too long ago??? hmmm, maybe he was doing you a service again by preventing it from going bad or getting burnt or bugs or SOMETHING!

  2. Cooper is a bugger isn't he! And I thought my son's 171lb great dane was a bugger...his head reaches the counter so they have to be SO careful of what's there! I think Cooper needs a bell on or you need a fence around your counter. Funny!!!


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