Monday, September 19, 2016

Kaffe Fassett Artisan Fabric and New Clothes!

Have you heard about this? Kaffe Fassett has a new line of fabric coming out with Free Spirit!

I had just told a friend recently that I would NOT buy any Kaffe Fassett fabric when I go to Houston. I have plenty. But then I heard this news. Oh dear. May have to have some....

In other randomness...

Last week I placed an order with Stitch Fix - have you heard of this? It's really fun. It's an on-line site for clothing and accessories. It's very simple - you just fill out a quick questionnaire about your style, colors you like or don't like, price you'd be willing to pay (starting with 'as cheap as possible' and on up), size, etc. You pay only $20. You can also include notes such as - don't send me any dresses or pants - just tops, or I don't wear sleeveless tops - anything at all that you think they may want to know.

Then a stylist selects five pieces for you and in days they arrive at your home. I asked for only tops and accessories. My box arrived Saturday! Lucky me - I adore one of the tops and a gorgeous necklace they sent. Here is a closeup of the top I kept along with the necklace. The top is more emerald than shows in the picture. I wish you could feel the fabric - top quality. And the necklace is great too, with a nice weight to it.

  You try everything on, keep what you want, and pile the rest in a prepaid large envelope that they provide and drop it in the mail. You only pay for what you keep and the $20 fee is applied to your purchase. If you want to keep all five pieces you get 25% off the entire purchase.  They also send photos of ideas to style every piece they send - what help for a fashion challenged person like myself!
Here's the style card for the top showing how to style it with jeans and how to dress it up a bit.

I'll definitely be doing this again - it's perfect for people like me who don't enjoy shopping (unless it's for fabric!)

Have a happy Monday...


  1. I may have to try that. I hate shopping too.

  2. UGH...add me to that 'hate shopping list' too! Love that necklace...hard to tell on the top as its hard to tell by the pic but I'm sure it must be nice! HA

  3. I got my first Fix on Saturday too. I love everything they put into the box. I hate clothes shopping too. Can't stand wondering around the store, finding something I like and then not finding it in my size and starting the whole process over again. Is this a quilters thing, I wonder? I will be using them again.

  4. soinds interesting but to be honest |I rarely buy clothes these days seem to have a wardrobe full of things I never wear!

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