Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Reader's Quilts!

I'm calling time out on watching football for this quick post. I got the sweetest email yesterday:

Your hexie patterns used in 2 quilts that were exhibited at the AAQG Show this weekend. In my write up I cited you for the free patterns. These quilts were fun & will be in my home from now on. The only pattern I changed was Oct. where I put a spider. Thank you for sharing your patterns. Always your fan, Margaret Berggren

Didn't Margaret do a fantastic job? The nursery quilt has more than 2000 beads on it! Wow!

Am I sewing today? No....Daughter 2 and her hubby are in town! They are spending the weekend here and are on campus getting fired up for the game this evening. I'm hunkered down in front of the TV watching games with the doggies.

Hope you're having a fun day!


  1. How nice! So glad the 'reader' sent you these pics....very nice!

  2. So neat - both of them and great that she shared them.

  3. Margaret's quilts are great. Thanks for sharing her pictures.


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