Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tah Da...Tah Done!

When I picked up this 20 year old UFO a few months ago, I guessed it would take a year to finish it. I was wrong! I put the last stitch in last night. I blocked it - it was really wonky. I simply squirted it well with water and pinned it to my ironing surface, using a quilting ruler to make sure it was square. Then I left it to dry overnight. It's ready to make into a pillow!

My scratchy throat has turned into a full fledged cold - UGH! I haven't felt like sewing, but this needlepoint is mindless.

And so...I've thrown my schedule out the window for a bit - no worries - it will be back when I'm better and things settle down around here. Quilting is still my number one activity!

I've loved having a needlepoint to work on here and there. And so...this kit came home with me from Hobby Lobby last week. Yes, another needlepoint kit. I wish it were square, but I like the colors.

Last night I accepted the challenge of sorting the yarn by color. And it was a challenge! I mean...what exactly is 'Medium Dark Blue Violet'???? And I can't determine the difference between 'Straw' and 'Autumn Gold'! I did the best I could and decided to finish this morning in daylight - maybe the extra light will help me figure this out.

And so it goes. Think I'll have another cup of honey lemon tea...cough...


  1. Your completed needlepoint looks so pretty. It will be an awesome pillow. I also love the new kit you got. The colors are gorgeous. Sorry you are sick with a cold. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Needlepoint is really nice!! And will make a great's FIL??? Take care of yourself!!! Just rest as much as you can...lots of liquids...yada..yada..

  3. Those butterflies are so beautiful. Great job! How did you blocked it? I have a needlepoint I did years ago and never framed it because it is wonky. Hope you get better real soon. ;^)

  4. Summer colds aren't fun. Love your needlepoint.

  5. Beautiful butterflies! Square up the flower kit, just leave off some of the bottom.

  6. Oh, now I see what the yarn is for! I love your squared piece that will be a pillow.


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