Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hexies Prepared!

Done! I have a gallon size ziplock bag full of smaller baggies with sets of hexie piece ready to baste at the lake. I've added my glue sticks and scissors (to snip the curves). Eventually I'll keep my featherweight at the lake house for machine sewing there, but I'm not taking it today.

We forged a new trail this morning. Cooper adores walking on trails! So many wonderful smells! We are increasing our walks - this morning's walk was more than 2 miles. Our afternoon walk will be at the lake.

Today's trek took us to the golf course. Lovely morning!

I found a bit of time for quilting feathers. Don't you hate it when this happens? You realize something doesn't feel right. You look on the backside. UGH!!! I've learned to never walk away from a mistake. Rip it out immediately! Rethread machine (yup, that was the problem), and quilt again!

Have a great day!!!


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