Friday, September 16, 2016

A Pillow Day

This is my newest toy. Have you seen these? They are templates (rulers) to use with a domestic sewing machine for free motion quilting. I've had them for a couple of months but just tried them today. (FYI- you do need a special ruler foot for your machine. I got the ruler foot, but also had to buy an adapter so it would fit my machine.)

Different rulers have different purposes. This one is made for clamshells. The other side of the ruler makes even bigger clamshells. I decided this pillow project was the perfect way to play with them.

Pretty good clamshells...especially for my first time!

I used another ruler to do this flower design in the center - the only thing I had to mark was the center of the square.

I think my pillow turned out well and I love it on our screened porch!

There are apparently LOTS of different quilting rulers like this available - more shapes, etc. - I hear there are even hexagon templates!

My kit also came with a ruler to help with stitching in the ditch - yes, it does help so much!

There are lots of Youtube videos that give instructions for using the rulers, along with Craftsy classes. My rulers are made by Westalee. The only problem I had was going through intersections where there were lots of seam allowances underneath. My machine would often get 'stuck' - though after a bit I learned how to fix it - I would raise my ruler foot and move the fabric just a bit so that the needle was away from the bulk.

All in all though, I really love this product line - I plan to get more!


  1. Your pillow looks fantastic and I didn't know there were rulers for domestic machines. I always love to learn something new.

    About ten years ago one of my friends who happens to be a long arm quilter mentioned to me that a quilter would press her/his seams open rather than to one side or the other then it would be much easier for her to quilt. So I do that about 99 per cent of the time. I don't know if that would help you or not.

    Your color selection for Alleitare is spectacular.

  2. did you long arm this? pillow looks great!

  3. Quilting looks perfect for your pillow!!! And looks so nice on the couch!!! Nicely done, as usual!

  4. The pillow certainly looks great! Thanks for the review of the ruler.


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