Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another Block Complete and a Vintage Find!

Another Farmer's Daughter's block - ba da boom! Last night I cut out another one. 

I'm so excited to share my new find! Hubby wanted to go back to the antique mall yesterday - you guessed it - he wanted to go back to the golf booth. There was a 3 wood he had his eye on. So I wandered a bit while he was shopping. And look what I found!

It's the most gorgeous, well made Grandmother's Flower Garden I've ever seen! And it's big! 102 inches square! 

And EVERY SINGLE flower is surrounded with fussy cut hexies! I've never seen a vintage quilt with this much fussy cutting - it wastes more fabric when you fussy cut; back in the day women couldn't afford to be wasteful. The person who made this obviously wasn't worried about that!

There is such a wide variety of fabrics, mostly florals, though I did find some little elephants in one.

The centers are all the same yellow fabric.

There is a butter yellow border around the entire quilt. The quilt is entirely hand stitched and even the quilting is all by hand. Tiny perfect stitches!

I seem to have a growing collection of vintage hexie quilts. I wasn't planning on buying more, but this one reached out and grabbed me. 'Take me home', it shouted! And the price was right. I think it's worth at least a few times over what I paid for it.

I'll take more close up photos today to share tomorrow.

I did a bit of machine quilting yesterday. Today is a day for dresden plates. I hope to crank out at least two.

Wishing you a happy day!


  1. Oh what a beautiful quilt. Such a lucky find! It was destined to go home with an avid appreciator of hexagons!

  2. Wow! How lucky for you to have found this!!! It is wonderful...but sad that some family didn't keep it to pass on to the family!


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