Monday, January 30, 2017

Quilting! And Sashing!

I began quilting Bliss - so good to have this under the machine. I'm free motion stitching this little motif on some of the hexagons and a spiral on others. I made good progress. When I set the quilt aside to wind the bobbin, this happened:

Mickey is already claiming this quilt - or at least he's trying to claim it...

Once I stitched a decent amount, I turned my attention to the sashing for my UFO winding ways quilt. I need a name for it now, don't I? How about 'My Autumn Garden'?

I found some shot cotton I'd bought in Houston and decided it fit the bill. I ran out of the gold, so I cut some green to finish the job. I kind of like have two colors of sashing. They are close enough to the same color work together. I like the modern look of changing up the color.

Then I needed cornerstones. I found a rusty orange piece of shot cotton, also a Houston purchase. Perfect!

I'm ready to sew this quilt together! Yippee!

Still thinking about a border...maybe a piano key border from multiple Kaffe Fassett prints? I think I like this idea!

Last night I stitched these three star points in place on The Bee's Knees. Loving it!

Today is machine quilting day and I plan to get more of Bliss quilted. I also need to run to the post office and another quick errand.

Let's kick off this week with quilting! Stitch up a fabulous day!

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  1. All three projects are wonderful. I'm watching closely how you quilt Bliss for when I do mine (in the far future - lol).


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