Sunday, January 22, 2017

It was a Farmer's Daughter Day

We had two rounds of severe weather yesterday - the first came through mid-morning with a tornado warning to boot. No damage around here, though there was damage in the next town over (Smiths Station).

Then the sun came out for the afternoon. Round 2 came through overnight. I was tired and slept through the entire thing. We had a nice storm (according to Hubby), but nothing dangerous. Weather people had been warning us all day that it was a PDS event - Possible Dangerous Situation. But we dodged a bullet.

I had a lovely day of hand stitching - my thumb is much better! I started another Farmer's Daughter block and managed to get this far - all the sections are sewn together. Yay me!

I forgot to mention this yesterday. We have a niche in our back hallway - up to now it's just been a rectangular sheet rocked opening. Friday a carpenter showed up and popped this into the opening. I love it! I now have shelves, Craftsman style trim and a little more class. Without shelves, there was not much I could put in here. Now I can add cookbooks, maybe a plant, and a few fun things. Much better. Someone else will be coming soon to paint it (the bead board in the back will also be painted) and then I'll get busy filling it.

I hope you have a lovely day.

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