Monday, January 23, 2017

One More to Go! And Pressing Matters...

Yesterday I put together another En Provence block - only one more to go! Yippee! You may remember that because I'm making a smaller quilt with bigger pieces, I estimated how many parts and pieces to make. I need to make a few more parts before I finish the last block. Not a problem!

And then I made another set of nine patches - good progress.

One of my FAVORITE things about making nine patches is...twirling the intersections on the backside when pressing! It keeps the intersections flat - don't you hate bulky intersections???

Well, that brings me to my Farmer's Daughter blocks. It has taken me several blocks to FINALLY learn how to press these to eliminate bulky intersections. Do you see all those Y-seams?

I finally learned that I can twirl those, too! This makes my life so much better! Haha! The only bad thing about this is that now I need to go back and re-press all the blocks I've already made.

So today's message is: TWIRL THOSE INTERSECTIONS!!!

We had another round of storms in the afternoon. Another tornado warning! EEK! There was damage within our county - a house destroyed in our town of Opelika, But no damage in our neighborhood, thank goodness. But Georgia was hit so hard...prayers for them.

It's machine quilting day. I have the top (Bliss) ready. I have the backing ready. But I have no batting. I should have thought about this before today. So I'll most likely run out to buy batting. Then on with the show!

Have a blessed Monday.


  1. Funny you showed the Y seam twist....Linda Kemshall (DesignMattersTV) just showed this a few video's ago!! Great minds!!!

  2. I'll have to try that on the next nine patches I make. Thanks!


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