Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Not Sure About the Yellow...

I'm just not so sure about my En Provence quilt. I like the pattern, but the yellow squares seem to stick out like a sore thumb. There are empty spots in my layout - pieces that aren't sewn yet. And I haven't laid out the border yet. Hmmm....

I'm only planning on 6 blocks since they are BIG blocks. But I'm not sure I'll be happy with it as is...

(As I'm looking at the picture I see a piece that needs rotating. Do you see it?)

What to do? I think I'll live with it on my guest bed for a few days. Maybe I'll do a bit of a switcheroo with some pieces and see what I end up with - but I think the yellow has to go. What goes with purple, pink, and green? My favorite color, orange, maybe????? Or maybe a fun print??? Hmmm....

I finished the latest Farmer's Daughter block last night...

Here are the vintage 'things' I bought this weekend - the top of each one is spring loaded. I think they would make great plant stands. I plan to clean them up today and bring them inside.

Today is the day for Gardenvale! Dresdens will be sewn. And I'm really hoping to see the sun today - such a rainy spell we've had.

Have a happy day!


  1. My mother always says, if it doesn'the feel right then it isn'the. So change it if you'really not happy with it. The yellow really makes it pop and draws the eye. But I think if it doesn'the look right it might be because all your other colors are rich, deep tones and that shade of yellow is more pastel. Yellow does go with your other colors (think Mardi Gras) but maybe go with a richer shade or like a gold color. That might make it blend better. It'seems beautiful the way it is but ultimately you are the one who has to love it. :)

  2. My dad, who has an artist's eye, always told us to lay out something we were unsure of for a few days. Don't be specifically examining it, but just let your eye catch it as you walk by and you'll be able to sort out if you like it or really want it different. I think your plan is sound. I also think Phantom-Rose might be right about the gold, something a little more 'Old World' in feel. It may not look like bright sunshine, but it would be more like those late in the day rays.

  3. Julia, I am working on a modified log cabin with the main strips bright yellow...and I understand about this quilt...I now have the blocks on the bed and keep walking by the door looking at it...and I am beginning to like it. This top is to go to the Quilter for Jesus to finish for the elderly and I do think the quilting will "cool" it down and it will all be beautiful, as I think yours will be also...and of course, I believe in going with what you/me want and like! Best day to you! elc

  4. I'm wondering about the yellow, too. I've seen half squares with yellow and white that looked nice. I might try a lighter shade of yellow.

  5. Hi, I am working on my BH quilt also, in another forum a quilter did a half square triangle with purple and yellow and it also changed the look to more of a storm at sea, but also made that large area smaller. Or maybe something else to make that large square smaller. I think I am ok with my yellow ( since it's smaller) but leaning toward a lavender for the center square that was a 4 patch. Good luck. Kathy in Colo

  6. Rainy here, too. I'm not a fan of yellow anyway, so I would have to think about that a lot. Maybe a softer yellow would work, or a white. Living with it a few days is a good idea. It would be a great gift for someone who likes yellow.

  7. I had switched out the purple for light/dark greens. Had switched the grassy green to an aqua. The aqua didn't work AT ALL! After monkeying with it, I have switched out the aqua for darker reds. Instead of light green in Part 6, I am using a black/gold polka dot (goes in the center of the gold squares.) It may end up looking like a Christmas quilt, but I am much happier with the outcome. Saw a really pretty one on Instagram where she used greys, pinks, and bright greens.

  8. You'll figure it out....just play...take pics...that works great to see what catches your eye!! Nice job!

  9. I am having the same dilema. I don't like the yellow on mine either. Good luck with your decision.


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