Saturday, January 7, 2017

There's a Lap App for That!

I'm loving my Lap App! It's so nice to have a little raised 'desk' in my lap - there's a place for 3 spools of thread, a magnet for my needle, a pocket for my scissors, and a nice padded top.

This is my latest Farmer's Daughter block - I worked on this last night - see the fire in the background? Do you recognize the fabrics? These are purples and magentas from my En Provence quilt. Look over to the right - I fussy cut that tiger face in the rounded piece - fun, fun!

Yesterday was hexie day - I cut out the remaining 18 curved pieced hexies for my current star unit.  I've just started basting them, but more of that will continue today.

Oh, I almost forgot! I dyed some fabric yesterday! I love the way it turned out! The book in the photo above is a little hint for this this project - more about it tomorrow! Ha- another project!

Did we get snow? Nope! Just rain and a bit of sleet. Lots of rain! And it is REALLY cold today. My daughter who lives on the other side of the state DID get snow - what a lovely birthday present for her yesterday!

The sun is out and blasting any ice that might be on the roads. I see a pool trip coming later.

So last night we finished watching The Man in the High Castle. The last episode was a doozy! I'll admit to being a bit confused during some of the episodes, but it was still great. We are looking forward to the next season, though it will be a wait.

Wishing you a warm day!

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  1. What a great idea for lap work, which we always have! Pretty hexie there and Hope 2017 will be another great stitching year for you.


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