Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bliss Borders!

Decision, decisions. First I needed to decide whether to chop off the uneven edges OR to appliqué the uneven edges to a border fabric. I obviously decided to trim it all down!

I pulled out several different border choices yesterday...and kept coming back to my old favorite: a black and white stripe. I already have some graphic black and white fabrics scattered in the quilt - so this relates to them. And it also serves to calm the colors along the edges. In my eyes, you can't go wrong with adding a bit of black and white. But what to do on the corners?

I decided to cut cornerstones on the bias; this will keep the stripes radiating outward.

I haven't decided yet if there will be additional borders...but I have a week to think on that, now don't I? (I'm leaning toward adding two more borders...)

I did a bit more stencil cutting, but I'm not done yet. I should finish it in a couple of days or so. And today is for...dresdens!!! Let's see how many I have by the end of the day!

I don't know if you noticed, but I added a little something over on the sidebar of the blog.  I'm adding each quilt that I complete this year to a list, linking to the blog post on that particular quilt's completion. I've also added a list of books that I read this year, again including a link to Amazon in case you want to read more about them. I am really doing this for myself - I would love to know at the end of the year how many projects I complete and how many books I read.

We stayed up late last night watching the football national championship game...we're a bit sleepy and bleary eyed this morning. Eye doctor appointments went well yesterday - neither of us needs new prescriptions which is an instant money saver. Hubby will be getting some new contacts though.

Hubby's about to head out to get my car tuned up and have small recall issue fixed. Then he'll be off to the golf course. And me:  you know I'll be sewing up a storm!!! And maybe I'll go for a swim.

Have a great day!


  1. Just a quick note...I am so hooked on Dr Martin!!!! Thanks for referral!

  2. What an absolutely unusual solution to the corners, and a great border for Bliss.


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