Friday, January 6, 2017

Nine Patches!

I made a batch of nine patches for my basket UFO yesterday. They will not all match as these do - I cut more strips from other fabric so I can make these a bit scrappy.

Don't they look cute with the baskets?! This will definitely be a HAPPY quilt!

And while I was making nine patches I used my En Provence as leaders and enders - I ended up with the first block sewn together by the end of the day! (Remember, I only have six blocks total to make along with the sashing.) I also threw in a few dresden pieces as leaders and enders - got a good start on one of these, too!

But last night I did not hand sew - I was tired and just watched TV with Hubby without doing anything. It felt weird, but I needed an evening off.

Isn't Cooper looking regal here? I took this photo yesterday - I noticed his whiskers glowing in the sunlight. What a handsome boy!

No sun today though. The rain is already falling. And the might be back in our forecast. We're right on the line on all the weather models. So we'll hunker down and wait to see. I do need to run to the grocery store this morning though. Looks like we'll be hiking in the rain later...

Here's my other little news. I've lost weight - a good bit of weight! I'm not done by any means, but I lost 25 pounds during the last four months of 2016. I feel so much more energetic! Hubby, by the way, has lost the same amount. He's almost to his goal, though I have a ways to go. We are simply using the My Fitness Pal app on our phones, recording what we eat. It's a free app and it's become second nature to enter our food. 

We are trying to move a bit more (swimming and hiking), but weight loss is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise, so the food part is the most important to us. I'm currently in a dreaded plateau (and have been for a few weeks), but I'm sure the loss will continue before long. I've sworn off weighing until February so I won't be discouraged during this slow period. 

Today is hexie day! I need to fussy cut fabric for the final 18 hexies on my latest star. I thought I had a name for the quilt and then I second guessed myself - I promise the giveaway will be coming soon!

Are you having a snow day? Hunker down and sew!


  1. Please give Cooper a big hug for me. He is so handsome! Julia, you are inspiring me to watch what I eat, pounds are coming back on! (Haven't figured out how?!?!?!) About to get my hand sewn hexies in the size/shape I is so good for me to sit and hand sew those precious hexies! About to run out of hexies so may have to make a pit stop and get some more made is very cold in West Texas this morning but little of no wind...just looked up and there are snow flakes! While waiting for daughter to drive from DFW I will sew six rows together of a yellow modified log cabin...Here's to a great Friday!

  2. Those nine patchers and the baskets look great together. Uhm - next slimming photo you might consider wearing pants that show your new shape. Congrats on your achievement. I'll have to do something like that.

  3. Keep up the good work, your quilting and your health goals. My friends who have a spouse in step on the weight issues find life is sooo much better. You are very smart, persistent, and so blessed. Your energy is contagious and I will get out my hexies for some work this weekend.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! This move has been such a good thing for you! (Lots of work though! We're still packing and getting rid of stuff but should be moving in a couple months. Spinal fusion first!)

  5. Congratulations! That's a huge goal, 25 pounds!


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