Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Only One Dresden...and my Bucket List

Only one lonely dresden made yesterday - but that's still progress! I love these blocks and I'm so glad I'm getting this off my quilt bucket list. Do you have a quilting bucket list? A list of quilts you want to make 'some day'?

If you don't have one - make one now! Simply start writing down (or list on your computer) quilts that speak to you. Patterns, ideas, colors! Add pictures if you like. Then try to tackle them one at a time. Even if you only make one a year - you're making forward progress. 

The more I stare at these dresden plates, the more I realize that this is the PERFECT quilt to quilt as I go, block by block. I can use my machine quilting rulers and make some cool designs. I had planned to machine quilt En Provence like this - but Bonnie threw me a curve - the blocks are BIG and it has wide sashing. I think now that I'll sew the entire top together and do a simple meander stitch. 

I'll be home all day - LOTS of sewing time ahead! Yay! And it's En Provence day - maybe I'll get two or three blocks sewn together!

Hubby was gone last night and I couldn't watch our regular Netflix shows without him. So I found a movie on Netflix - The Finest Hours. It was really good - an ocean rescue story set in the 1950's. Guys would like it, too - it's not a chick flick. 

Okay, I need to take Cooper for a walk. And then let's start sewing! 


  1. I am finally starting a sewing projects due January 31st!! Hope to get to working with your hexie ruler I bought last fall!!! I am still working on Doc Martin on Netflix and Man in the High Castle on Amazon...need sports on TV so hubby can watch sports and I can watch my shows! HA

  2. It is only one, but it is a BEAUTIFUL one! That's the best progress!


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