Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Now That's Better!

I stared at this quilt for a bit and it hit me what I needed to do! I cut white/neutral squares and sewed a purple triangle to one corner. These replaced the yellow squares and I like it so much better!

I think the yellow squares were bothering me for two reasons - the first being the color - and the second being the fact that these were the only plain units in the quilt - every other square is pieced with anywhere from 2 pieces of fabric to 4 pieces of fabric. I finally realized this and knew I had to piece something!

I like this so much more! I am still adding a tiny bit of yellow in the quarter square triangle units that appear in the sashing. Just a bit of yellow!

I still have to finish these last quarter square triangles and then I'll be ready to start stitching it all together. 

I made two dresdens, too! A good day!

And last night I began stitching another Farmer's Daughter block - 

Correction: The Man in the High Castle is on Amazon, NOT Netflix!

The rain has finally let up! We received 4.5 inches in just a few days. Everything is soggy. And they're saying we might get snow (???!!!!!) this weekend. EEK! But this morning the sun is shining and it's fairly warm outside.

Today En Provence is up on the schedule, so I'll work on those final quarter square triangle units. That shouldn't take long, so I may even begin sewing the blocks together.

Hope you have a sunny day!


  1. Yes, I love much better. The yellow was too yellow and really stood out. I am a winter color fan. Not many yellows are for me. The print goes so much better. Love the dresdens. My hubby wants to see The Man in the High Castle. Thanks for recommending.

  2. Great observation powers. Your adaptation looks so integral to the design it took me a minute to see it even after you pointed it out. Plus, your design will be unique to you.

  3. I didn't start the mystery quilt, but have read other blogs that did not like the yellow also. Everyones tastes are different. I do like how you have it now. Chris

  4. I do like yellow and feel it depends on the yellow used. Looking at Bonnie's quilt, I like the ones with the pale yellow. I like your version to. Have a few units to make and then I'll start laying them out and see how I like it. Thanks for the alternate.

  5. I like your modification. I also did not care for the large blocks of yellow. I substituted with purple and neutral HST which creates a curved look, then replaced the neutral 4 patches in the center with yellow 4 patches. Great fun to tweek it and make it your own.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! Removing the yellow is perfect now...have you watched Goliath on! Another good one!!! I could binge if I didn't have so many other things to do! HA

  7. Julia, think this turned out just great...and the most important is what "fits" for you!

  8. You did exactly the right thing. I really like this much better.


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