Friday, January 13, 2017

No Sewing...

On most days I machine sew for about 2 hours each morning. Yesterday was the day for my Basket/Winding Ways UFO. It didn't happen. I needed to run some errands - grocery, Hobby Lobby, Target. I usually run errands on Fridays - my hexie day - and I don't miss a beat. But by the time I got home it was time for lunch. Then there might have been a nap. And then....I decided to go swim (64 laps). Who is this person!?

As soon as I got back home, Hubby came in the door from golf and we took Cooper hiking. And when we returned it was time for supper. Boom - day gone!

Before I ate my dinner, I mixed some acrylic paint and fabric medium (purchased at Hobby Lobby earlier in the day) and sponged the mixture on my top piece. Voila! Much better results! And SO much faster! Today I'll sponge paint another top piece - 3 more to go.

And last night I cut out the next Farmer's Daughter block - lots of orange in this one.

Though I'm not letting myself buy new clothes YET, I knew I needed new bathing suits. I was swimming in mine - how's that for a pun! Haha! I love Target swim suits - I went in the store yesterday to buy something else and noticed the bathing suits had come in! Yay! I came home with two new suits - in size MEDIUM! What? Me, in a MEDIUM? What the hexie! My previous suits were XL. And that is one reason I HAD to swim yesterday afternoon - had to wear a new suit!

Rodan and Fields
So many nice comments from you guys yesterday! Y'all are so sweet and supportive! As soon as I get them, I'll send out free samples to those of you who asked for them. Any more takers? I want to be sure I order enough! And I also heard from some of you who already use the products and love them! One person said she's used them for 4 years and her husband calls them the 'Fountain of Youth!'

Okay, guys. It's HEXIE DAY!!! Yippee! Let's get this party started!

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  1. Well, congrats on the bathing suit size!! You've been doing so good at the walking/swimming routine(s)!!! Good for you...makes you feel good doesn't it!!! After this week, hoping to get back to doing some sewing. I have a small project due 1/31! HA


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