Wednesday, January 25, 2017

LOTS of Sewing!

Yesterday was one of those rare days where I actually got more done than I expected! I started on my dresdens.

I made two of them.

And then I moved on to Bliss. Here she is, layered with backing and batting, ready to be pin basted. Yes, my dining room table has been overtaken yet again. I'll be pinning a bit here and there - the goal is to be finished pinning by Monday so I can start the machine quilting. That shouldn't be a problem!

Then in the afternoon and evening I began stitching the next Farmer's Daughter block - good progress here, too.

I doubt I do as much today. Though I do hope to make the last needed parts for the last En Provence block and get it put together. Then I can move on to the sashing.  It's fun to see so much progress on so many projects. 

And now I think I'll sit and rest and enjoy a cup of tea. Want to join me? Have a great day!


  1. It feels so good to have such a productive day. Sounds like you deserve that cuppa!

  2. You deserve that cup of tea! Isn't it wonderful to make such progress?


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