Friday, January 27, 2017

And The Winners Are....

I have FINALLY decided on a name for my current curved hexagon quilt! Yay me! And the winning name is:


I'm so glad to call it by it's name now instead of 'my current curved hexagon quilt'! That was quite a mouthful! So the person who came up with the name is Elizabeth! She left a comment on the blog. HOWEVER, Elizabeth also happens to be Daughter 2. Haha! And I happen to know that she has no time for this right now because she is so busy as a resident Pharmacist at a hospital. She hardly has time for sleep! And so she's told me to give her ruler to someone else. (If she ever wants one, I think I can take care of it!) 

I bee-lieve I promised to give away TWO rulers. After a random draw, the winners are Cindy and Susan who both sent me ideas. So please, Cindy and Susan, email me with your snail mail address and I'll send you both a ruler!!!

If anyone else wants a ruler, too, simply email me - I'll bill you via Paypal ($24.00 with free shipping) and get a ruler to you quickly.

Okay guys, I have to tell you that I figured this quilt out yesterday. I've decided that the winding ways blocks do not play well with the baskets and nine patches. There was just too much going on and nothing stood out.

I've decided to put a sashing between the winding ways blocks. And then a border around the entire thing. I think I'll either make a pieced border or maybe even an appliqu├ęd or hexie border. But first - I need to finish stitching down the yo-yo's. I did a bunch of them yesterday.

And those basket blocks? I'm not sure yet - but they might make a pretty table runner. No rush to figure that out though.

It's hexie day today - yay! I'm ready to get back to work on The Bee's Knees! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Congrats to Cindy and Susan!! And a great name your daughter came up with!!!


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