Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another En Provence Block and a New Venture!

I stitched up another En Provence block yesterday - one third of the way there with the blocks - then onto the sashing!

I'm still trudging away with tracing the stencil on my top. I lifted up one side to give you a peak. Ugh! It looks okay, but this process is just not good. I'm thinking I might get some white acrylic paint and some fabric medium to mix together and sponge on - it would go so much faster! I'm just ready to stitch already! I may run out to Hobby Lobby later today...

This happened last night - I finished another Farmer's Daughter block. These tiny little stitches make me smile!

And here it is! Remember, this block is made from my En Provence scraps - love it!

And my news...

OMG! I can’t believe I’m saying this or that I did this! But I’m glad I did!

What did I do?

I became a Rodan and Fields Consultant! R and F is a phenomenal skin care company. I had been thinking about using their products. Then I received some samples and tried them. My skin and I LOVED them! Where had this soft, glowing skin been all my life?!

Now that I’m on the backside of my fifties, I’ve decided it’s FINALLY time to put ME first. Yes, I’ve been losing weight and have never felt better. But my skin was looking dull and sallow and a bit saggy. And yes, wrinkles are creeping in. I’m not much of a makeup person anymore – a touch of eyebrow pencil and some lipstick are my basics. As women age I think they look better with less makeup. But it sure helps to have glowing skin! Don’t you agree?

I’m so impressed with the Rodan and Fields products – they do a PHENOMENAL job of evening out skin tone and getting rid of blotches and redness and wrinkles. I don't mean to sound vain, but we all want to look our best, right?

So I was convinced to use the products – no brainer here! BUT…I realized I could get a big savings on them if I became a Consultant. Now, being a former Engineer, you know I’m the kind of person who analyzes and researches EVERYTHING to the nth degree. And that’s what I did! I studied the company and how it works. I learned that they have a money back, empty bottle guarantee on everything they sell. I learned there was absolutely no risk of losing anything.

I learned that there is not a big investment required – only $45 is needed to become a consultant.

I learned that I do not have to do any selling out of my home  - no shipping – no packaging! This was important to me! I live in a small home and don’t have room for inventory, nor do I want to stay busy selling and shipping. It’s all done via the Internet – if someone wants to buy a product through me, they simply go to my website ( They buy and it ships directly to them – YES!

I learned that two women dermatologists are at the head of the company – they developed the products. I love a company driven by women!

I learned that the company expanded to Canada recently and the business has EXPLODED there. I learned that R and F is now about to start up in Australia – the same EXPLOSION is expected there. Because the Australia launch is coming in the next couple of months – now is the time to jump on board if you live there! WOW! You could be on the ground level of something HUGE! And if you’re in Australia – there is NO COST to become a consultant! That’s a big deal!

I’m not in this to make money (I just want the discounts!), though if I do it will be my ‘Mad Money’ – for quilting supplies, of course! But MANY women DO make a lot of money in this business. One of my daughter’s software engineering friends has quit her job and DOUBLED her previous salary as an R and F Consultant – all while staying home with her three children. Oh, and she drives a Lexus she’s earned as an Rodan and Fields reward. 

And so that’s my news! I’m absolutely thrilled that my skin is becoming so lovely and I get a big discount on the products. If you’re interested in trying the products, email me with your address ( or send me a Facebook message – I’ll send you some samples as soon as I get them. Or let me know if you have questions.

Though most blogs are filled with advertisements - I've NEVER done that. My blog is my gift to all of you who read it and I don't want or expect compensation. And I promise I won't turn it into a skin care blog. BUT, I will share when there is a special or something interesting going on at Rodan and Fields. I'll always put it at the bottom of the post so you can skip it if you're not interested.

So here's to great skin! Have a quilty day!


  1. What a newsy post!!! Congrats on becoming an R & F consulatant! I have used R&F for about 4 years and I love it! My hubby calls it the "fountain of youth"! Glad you love it!

  2. Congrats, I would love samples! Thanks!

  3. I have never heard of this brand of skin care. Interesting. I would love samples too.


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