Friday, January 20, 2017


So yesterday I made two sets of nine patches.

And then I made another set.

And then I made another set.

I know some of these are odd color combinations. I purposely tried to put some odd pairings together to give this quilt some uniqueness. Some spots of interest. We'll see if it works! I want someone to say, "Wow, I would have never thought to put those fabrics beside each other - but they look good!"

I'm really glad I pulled this quilt out to work on. I'm almost done with the nine patches and will then be ready to put this top together. It's going to be a cool quilt, I think.

I did swim yesterday, but not long. At least I did a bit. Progress is progress even if it's slow, right?

Today MUST be bread making day! I've been putting it off all week. I really don't mind making it and it is worth the effort. So today it will happen. And hexies will happen!

Have a fun Friday!

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  1. I'm looking forward to this quilt. There are some intriguing 9-patches there.


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