Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dresdens...and More Photos of Vintage Hexie Quilt!

We'll get to the dresdens in a bit, but first I thought you might like to see more photos of the vintage quilt. Sweet little blossoms.

And here are the elephants.

Some graphic flowers.

And look at these sweet little girls touching their toes!


And umbrellas!

Little kittens playing with a ball...


And little ladies...

And more flowers...

And more...

Are these fabrics not fun and fabulous?! Can you see why I'm so in love with this quilt? The maker really had fun with this. I haven't found any two units that are the same - lots of different fabrics!

Okay, so here are the dresdens! Was I in the mood to make them yesterday? NO! But I made them anyway! Are you like that? Sometimes I'm not feeling a project - not at all. That's one reason I have so many projects going at one time. But if I always put off a project I'm not feeling that day, I'd never move it forward. I do love the dresden plate project and I know I will love the finished quilt. So I work on it even when I'm not in the mood, if it comes up on my schedule.

Speaking of is for En Provence. I'm kind of over this one. But I know I'll like it when it's done. Today I need to figure out the sashing. I've decided I don't like even a little yellow in my version, so I'll need to make more parts and pieces to fill in.

You know, this is why we all have so many UFO's...we get tired of a project and put it aside. The moral of the story is - keep plugging away. Someone will want that quilt! Though you may fall in love with it when it's done.

Okay, peeps - let's make it a wonderful day!


  1. Such fun fabric. Usually it is a book that distracts me.

  2. I just think this quilt is wonderful. Yes, I agree the maker had fun putting it together. All those different fabrics. Just great!


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