Monday, February 13, 2017

Cutting Fabric

Yesterday I decided to cut the border pieces for Autumn Garden. First I had to figure out the measurements - I ended up cutting the Kaffe strips at 4.5" long and I cut the Grunge strips at 1.5" and 2.5". All of these strips are 2.5" wide. 

And here's what a small section looks like before stitching. I packed the pieces back up until I'm ready to stitch them - I believe that will be on Thursday. Can you tell I'm more organized about my quilting than I used to be? It's amazing how having a smaller sewing room helps me. I simply don't have room to leave things lying around.

I also did a bit of hand stitching last night - just a bit.

Last night was for the bugs... we got back from a long hike with Cooper. I sat down in my chair and began itching. I told Hubby I was going to put my nightgown on before supper because I felt like I had bugs crawling on my back. Before I made it all the way to the bedroom to change I reached up my shirt to scratch and came out with a lively tick pinched in my fingers! EEK! So glad I got him before he attached himself to me.

Then about an hour later we were watching a movie (London Has Fallen). Suddenly Cooper jumped up from his bed in the corner and was after something. It was hard to spot on the rug, but we finally saw it - a nice BIG spider! Hubby got it and we credited Cooper for finding it. Good boy! And now...time to spray for bugs! Hopefully Hubby will do that TODAY! By the way, the movie (on Netflix) was really good if you like action movies!

Today is for machine quilting! I've got Bliss out and ready to go. I'm hoping I make lots of progress!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Two of my favorites - Grunge and Kaffe!

  2. What a neat border. Watch out for those ticks. Thanks for the tip on the movie - there is so much on Netflix sometimes don't know what to pick. I'm quilting, too, today. It's going to be a very nice day here in the 70s. Blessings,


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