Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What!? No Sewing Pictures!

Can you believe its? I didn't sew yesterday! What!?

It was Valentines Day, after all. Hubby and I spent most of the day together. This vehicle was on display in front of the restaurant where we ate lunch.

I think I'll pass on riding in this - I'll call it a piece of art instead of a vehicle though it did have a motor.

Here's our first bloom of the season - more to come I hope!

Okay, so here are the spiralized sweet potatoes 'fries' from our dinner last night. They tasted better than they look, thank goodness! I think I need a better spiralizer - haha! The burgers were delicious and I even had a half glass of wine. Even with all that I stayed within my calories. Let's just say I'm getting used to going to bed hungry - always hungry at's worth it though.

Since I didn't sew yesterday, today I plan to have a marathon day: dresdens and En Provence and who knows what else! Are you with me? Let's go sew!!!

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  1. Same here. DH and I went out to a special lunch and then took it easy for the ret of the day.


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