Friday, February 10, 2017

Autumn Borders!

I was originally thinking about a simple piano key border for Autumn Garden. I had a few strips of Kaffe already sewn together so I tried them. Nope, I know this is not what I want now.

So I spent some time on Pinterest...

I found this picture. Yes, I like this much better! It will be a bit time consuming, but I've got time, right? Every Thursday, in fact! But now my dilemma was which fabric to use where this picture has the white - white obviously won't work!

I decided I want to bring out the color of those cornerstones. But of course I only started with a bit of that fabric so it is all but gone. Then I found this batik chunk in my stash - yes, it's perfect, but I don't have enough of it either. Nothing in my stash would work.

So that meant shopping trip! Well, if I was going to be out I might as well do lunch, right? So I texted a friend and she was game. And if I was going to be out I might as well do the grocery shopping, right? I finished up my shopping list and headed out. First lunch. Then groceries. Then FABRIC!

Here's what my sweet friend and shop owner and I came up with - Grunge! Don't you just love Grunge fabric! And you know I love orange! I like that this pulls out the sashing colors.

I think once I cut all the strips and organize them that the border will not be too time consuming or laborious. So, no sewing yesterday morning, but I did accomplish something on my UFO.

I did a bit of embellishing on Bird 2 last night. Another cutie pie, don't you think?

So glad it's HEXIE DAY! It's time to start another star! So I'll be selecting fabric, cutting papers, and then cutting fabric. PREP day!

I love Fridays! A day of hand stitching. And we always seem to eat pizza on Friday evenings - so no cooking for me. We've found that we love California Pizza Kitchen frozen Sicilian pizza - it's thin and crisp and only 310 calories per serving. Yum!

Okay, let's go HEXIE!

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