Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fixed the Dresdens!

Yes, these are the dresdens I messed up last week. They are now fixed and done. I'll need more of these half dresdens for the Gardenvale quilt top.

And also during our rainy day, I pulled out the next bird and completed it. This is number 4.

We did go on our walk - in the rain - Cooper doesn't mind the rain. In fact he aims for the puddles - he loves the puddles!

Today is En Provence day - I hope to get LOTS done! I'd love to quilt this top next.

It's still raining today. That means two days in a row that Hubby has not been able to play golf. And that means more daytime TV for us. Hopefully we can find a good movie to watch. We might even go for a swim - remember the pool is indoors.

Make it a great day, y'all!

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