Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sashing, Sashing, Sashing....

I calculated that I needed to make 3 more sashing pieces yesterday for En Provence. I also had to make some of the mini units before making those sashing units. I stitched them together and sewed them to one side of the quilt top. Oops. Then I realized I need one more sashing unit. It will have to wait...I was ready to put this away for the day.

I'm almost there though. Once I make and add the final sashing unit, I'll just have to stitch together and add the two final borders. The end is near!

In the afternoon I made two more little pouches. I added ribbon to one of them, but it covers some of the cute kitties - not sure which one I prefer. These are great to make with novelty prints.

Last night I basted some hexies. I'm hoping to be ready Friday to begin stitching the next star together.

Today is the day for Autumn Garden. I'll be working on the border.

Rodan and Fields

I thought I'd share another R and F regimen with you today. Redefine is the regimen I'm currently using - LOVE it! I'm going to be brave and share my before and after photos with you today - remember, I've only been using Redefine for approximately SIX WEEKS! Can you believe my results? I'm beyond thrilled!

I think my skin looks at least 10 years younger! Excuse my 'just woke up' hair - if only R and F would make hair products too! Haha!

We are all aging all the time, but what that looks like is up to you. Decide today how you are going to look tomorrow with our REDEFINE Regimen.
REDEFINE is a comprehensive skincare regimen that layers cosmetic ingredients and potent peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. The REDEFINE Regimen features four full-size products: Daily Cleansing Mask 125 mL/4.2 fl. oz., Pore Minimizing Toner 125 mL/4.2 fl. oz., Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 30 mL/1.0 fl. oz., and Overnight Restorative Cream 30 mL/1.0 fl. oz.
As for me, I can already see the changes in my skin. It feels and looks firmer and smoother and brighter. I assure you the before and after photos are all real and unedited. It is required by corporate. I'm feeling better in my own skin every single day. Yes, these products are not inexpensive - but trust me, they are worth every penny.

I'd love it if you'd like to join my team - become a consultant and get big discounts on the products. Just shoot me an email or pm me on Facebook if you have questions!

Have a great day, y'all!

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