Friday, February 24, 2017

Schedule Switcheroo!

I know, I know...yesterday I had planned to work on Autumn Garden's border. But Hubby decided to go to the lake to get some work done and I decided to go along to do the inside Spring cleaning. While he pressured washed the sidewalk and spread weed killer, I dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathrooms. The lake house is ready for Spring!

Luckily my chores took less time than his! I took along my hexies and proceeded to baste away.

So yesterday became hexie day and today will be Autumn Garden day - works for me!

It was warm and sunny at the lake - a beautiful day. We took the doggies along and they enjoyed their little trip, too.

When we got home I did my grocery shopping - BOOM - a busy day! But the pantry is stocked and my hexies are all basted - ready for sewing today.

I'm planning an early start on sewing this morning. I have to take a break later to get my hair done - can't wait for that! I'm overdue. I've haven't had my hair highlighted in almost a year - since just before the May wedding. I was letting it go natural to see what it looked like - I was hoping for a sophisticated silver gray. Nope. I'm getting dismal, dull, blah dirty blonde gray. With my weight loss and my much improved skin, and just can't handle this hair any longer. And so today...HIGHLIGHTS! Why not? I'll feel like a new woman this afternoon.

Okay, peeps...let's make it a great day! Go sew something!

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