Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bliss is Almost Done!

I finished quilting the main part of Bliss yesterday! Yay! On to the border now - big loops are working fine for this part. I've quilted down one long side already - it's close to being ready to trim and bind, and that makes me very happy! I may have to fit in the final quilting here and there throughout the week - I'm ready to finish it.

I did a bit of straightening in my sewing room, too. I labeled bins for my daily schedule a few weeks ago - ahh, this is working well. But I moved them from one spot to another and reorganized a few things.

My Bliss quilt is too big to fit in the Monday bin, so something else is living in there for now.

And yes, six loaves of bread were baked. Let's just say it takes a bit longer to make bread when you have to stop to go to the grocery store for more flour before you even begin. Done and done!

Today is for dresdens. Last night I ripped out the parts I messed up last week. So these pieces are ready for their re-do. And maybe I'll work a bit on the border of Bliss, too. Rain is coming in this afternoon - a good time to get lots of sewing done! And maybe watch a movie?

Hubby and I finished Downton Abbey over the weekend - sorry to see it end, but we really enjoyed it and the final episode was good about summarizing all the storylines. Since then we've watched a mini series on Amazon Prime called The Escape Artist. Wow! Only 3 episodes, but very intense and a unique plot. I highly recommend it. We've also watched the movie Driving Lessons on Netflix - a sweet story - not the most riveting movie, but we enjoyed it.

Rodan and Fields

If you have ever considered becoming a Rodan and Fields consultant, today is the day! There's a phenomenal special that ends at midnight tonight - it includes approximately $600 worth of free samples and a complete regimen for FREE! Not to mention you'd receive you initial personal products for 50% off! Let me know if you'd like to be part of my team. It takes very little time and it's lots of fun to boot! Don't you want to get a monthly paycheck to spend on more fabric???

Have a sweet day!


  1. My goal today is get a baby quilt quilted to turn in at guild meeting tonight and start my next round of the first unit of Bliss. I think I found a combo of fabric that I want to try on it.

  2. I can't wait to see Bliss finished up in all of its glory!!!!! I hope to eventually get my sewing as organized as you have!


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