Thursday, February 2, 2017

En Provence Progress

When I left you yesterday I wasn't exactly excited about working on En Provence. But I quickly figured out what I wanted to do for the sashing. I decided to put a darker purple square in the middle - simply making that decision made me feel better!

I had to make more of these little hourglass units.

And then away I went! Here is where I stopped. I have three blocks with sashing in between, at the top and on the left side. I was getting excited to see more so I added a bit of the next border at the top left corner.

And now - I'm actually loving it! So glad I left out all the yellow! And I'm so glad I've turned the corner to liking this project!

Here's a little Valentine project I'm making in my 'spare' time. It has only taken a small bit of time - I'll share details soon!

I had hiking duty with Cooper in the afternoon. We decided to walk over to the nearest lake since the weather was so warm and sunny. We both enjoyed our walk/hike.

You know the drill - today is UFO day! I'll be sewing winding ways blocks and sashing together. I already have them stacked in order and ready to go - mindless sewing! I think I'll watch a Hallmark Valentine movie while I stitch.

Sounds like a fun day! Have a great one yourself!

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