Thursday, February 16, 2017

Border Dilemma...

Okay. I'd already cut a bunch of fabric for the border. So I started sewing it together. BUT, when I laid a small section beside the quilt I realized it was not matching. Do you see what I mean? The 'peak' of the border is not in the center of the block. At first glance it looks fine, but I knew it would drive me crazy.

I knew I needed another strip in each block section of the border. But how to do this when I already had a peak?

I tried this - I sewed a square diagonally to the top of the 'peak' strip. Then I added another strip sewn in the mirrored image.

Yes, I think I like this.

So I kept going. Yes, this symmetry appeals to my OCD self. And I've definitely never seen a border like this one. In the last picture I have two long strips of Grunge surrounding the border, like it will be in the quilt.

The only problem I'm having with this now is the color of the Grunge. Don't get me wrong, I do love it. But I want some of it within the quilt...not just dominating the border. Hmm....

I'm thinking of making Grunge yo-yo's to appliqué in all the cornerstones. What do you think? This quilt is becoming like the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin." It never ends...

Last night was our guild meeting. Guess who won the door prize ---- ME! I'll share my goodies tomorrow.

It's HEXIE day! I have a pile of fabric cut and ready to baste. AND we have tickets to the afternoon season opener baseball game! In my world, hexies and baseball games go together - it's easy for me to make hexies at a baseball game - or should I call it a 'baste'ball game? Ha!


  1. It's too late to make your cornerstones grunge, isn't it? That would solve it.

  2. "baste ball game" are a clever one aren't you!!! yo-yo's would be a good way to add color unless you have any interest to color via paint!


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