Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What A Mess!

Yesterday morning as I sat in the dentist's chair...I reorganized my sewing room closet in my head. And then when I came back home I felt compelled to put my plan into action! Above is the 'before' of my closet.

I began dragging things out to start the process. So now my sewing room is quite the mess - unsuitable for sewing.

And so today I'll be working more on this project. I know I'll love it when I'm finished - it's the process that's difficult. One of my issues was that my fat quarter storage was not working for me. So all the fat quarters are getting refolded and stored differently. Another problem is that I've been storing my Accuquilt dies flat on a closet shelf - they are supposed to be stored on end, like books. So those are being moved, too.

Meet Lily! She was my companion last night. I went to a neighborhood ladies club meeting and the speaker was someone from the Auburn vet school telling us all about Canine Performance Science and Vaper Wake training. I got to the meeting early and was assigned to take care of Lily while her handlers set up for their program. So Lily and I hung out for about 20 minutes. What a sweetie!

Auburn is famous for their Vapor Wake dogs. AU has come up with training techniques to teach dogs to smell the 'vapor wake' - the smells emanating from people as they walk through crowds. They can detect specific people and they can detect bombs/explosive devices. In fact all the terrorist dogs used in New York City are from Auburn. Auburn dogs have worked with the military (to sniff out IEDs), and various government law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. They are used at large sporting events around the country, also. It was a fascinating program and I really enjoyed it.

They are always looking for volunteers to help with the puppies - they breed the dogs on campus and always have puppies who need looking after. Hmmm...maybe someday I'll sign up. What a fun volunteer job that would be!

Okay, it's time for me to dive back into that messy closet! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Never heard of Vapor Wake Dogs! How interesting! Look forward to your makeover of your room! I go through this from year to year!

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  3. Thanks for the information about the dogs. AU does a lot of interesting programs in all departments, as near as I can tell! Your organizing job looks hefty, but I know it will be great when you finish. You just gave me an idea for my closet, too!

  4. I initially started reading your blog because of my fascination with hexi’s, but I so enjoy everything that you share. I was fortunate to serve as a “lost” person for a K9 search and rescue group last year. It was fascinating to watch how the dogs worked to find me. Also, thank you for sharing the information regarding the accuquilt dies, I have mine stacked and I am going to go rectify that right now.


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