Monday, May 29, 2017

More Hand Work

I began another Farmer's Daughter block yesterday. I know. It's very ORANGE, isn't it? Oh well. It will work in the scrappy quilt, I'm sure.  I also did a bit of hand quilting on Block 1 of RFLQ, also - I'll have a picture to share later this week.

It was a quiet day around here. I finally gave up on a book I'd been reading for several days. Do you ever do that? I just couldn't get into it - so that one will be put aside and I'll begin another one. I really wanted to like it - it's the first in a series, but's just wasn't very good at all.

Lizard sighting on the patio yesterday. They grow them big around here! And Mickey almost caught him...glad he didn't...haha!

Today I'll probably run some errands. And I want to work on my new quilting schedule. I really like to have a plan for each day. Maybe I'll get a bit of machine sewing done later? We'll see...

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Like your orangeness! At first, I thought that lizard was a silver piece of jewelry!


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