Friday, May 12, 2017

Lake Critters...

The lake trip was fun - no sewing to show. I did appliqué a flower or two on the RFLQ, but it doesn't look different from the previous picture. So today's show and tell is about lake critters.

On our boat ride we saw this amazing HUGE nest - that is a pair of bald eagles sitting up there! And we could hear their babies chirping.

In this picture the dad had flown off for more food. This was a first for us - we'd never seen an eagle nest at the lake. This is close to a marina.

And here's our critter named Mickey, as always insisting on sitting in a lap.

More critters: the goats on Goat Island were all resting.

And here was Cooper, loving EVERY SECOND of the boat ride.

On the way back to the house this mallard duck led us directly to our dock.

And now for the last critter of the day. Do you see that terra cotta bird house hanging from the tree? While we were at the lake the day before I noticed a little wren going in and out. I love to put my phone up to the hole in birdhouses and take a picture - you know - so I can see the eggs or baby birds. 

Everyone else was down on the pier playing with the Sea Doo. I took my picture - then screamed when I looked at the photo...

And here is the picture. Yes, it's a snake. Inside the little bird house. It can't be a big snake because the bird house is not very big. But alas, the eggs are gone. So sad. 

I'm not a snake lover, so I hope he clears out soon. 

Today is going to be a rainy day and I'm rather glad! I plan to do some machine quilting and a bit of laundry and catch up on some TV shows. 

Wishing you a very happy day!

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