Saturday, May 13, 2017

Machine Quilting Sashing

I began working on the sashings of Autumn Garden. First I measured and marked dots (washable marker).

I used the dots as guides to do these curvy intersecting lines. It's not perfect, but it works fine for me. I did about half of the vertical sashing - and then suddenly I got an error message on my machine. UGH! Usually these error messages are easy to figure out. In fact they are extremely obvious in what they want me do. But this time I was baffled.

I was using my Stitch Regulator quilting foot. And I had been using it all morning without a problem. But the machine suddenly told me to take a certain foot - 1C-  (not the one I was using) off and put a certain other foot - 1D - (again, not the one I was using) on.

I turned the machine off and then back on. I took the foot off and put it back on. I rethreaded the top thread. I rethreaded the bobbin. I cleaned the machine. I oiled the machine. I even gave it a pep talk! And I still got the same error message.

At that point I threw in the towel. Enough machine quilting for the day! I'm determined to figure it out today. Any ideas? Anyone?

Last night I cut circular flower centers for RFLQ.

My templates? A quarter and a thimble - perfect sizes!

Cross your fingers that I'll be able to figure out my sewing machine dilemma today! Have a great one!

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