Friday, May 5, 2017

A 'J' and Six Leaves

My good intentions went out the window when a storm rolled through yesterday AM. Our power went out for a few hours, so machine sewing didn't happen. There wasn't enough light to hand stitch so I spent the morning reading - not a bad thing!

Last night I did do a bit of hand appliqué - here's my initial.

And here are Six Leaves.

I'm planning to pull out Autumn Garden and work on machine quilting this morning. It will be nice to be back at it!

Hubby is already out the door - headed to Birmingham for the day. I do have a few errands to run, but they shouldn't take long. It should be a fun day of sewing.

Wishing you a happy Friday!

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  1. Your applique looks terrific! This is a great block.


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