Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Almost Organized...

Closet - before... and closet after.

Looking in- before...and after.

Desk before... and after.

I'm almost there! I have a few more things to put away in my sewing room. And I have some reorganizing to do in the guest bedroom closet (my overflow sewing closet). But I think I'll finish this morning. It's taking me 3 days (with no sewing), but I know this is worth it. I've found things I'd forgotten about. And my fabric is much better organized now. 

This is also a good exercise in seeing what colors are plentiful and which are running low within my stash. IF I were to fabric shop today (I won't, I promise!) I'd add some white neutrals - I'm low on these after finishing En Provence. 

I have to go BACK to the dentist this morning - yup - ugh! Somehow I broke a back tooth last year and my dentist has been watching it. He says it's time to put a little filling in it. In my entire life I've had only one tiny filling up to this point. EVER. Never had a crown, etc. I've got phenomenal teeth, thank goodness. But today I'll have to get this taken care of. 

And then...we're going to the lake this afternoon to put the boat in the water. We were going to wait until later in the week, but figured we get it done today. I hope I can finish my reorganizing this morning because the rest of the day has filled up.

Tomorrow it's going to rain all day and I plan to SEW!!!! 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Don't you just love the wire baskets? I have several of them inside closets. They make great organizers.

  2. Definitely a huge improvement! Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done. LOL

  3. It will be so nice to have your room finished! It's such a good feeling to start projects or continue to work on a project in a clean, organized area! Looks good!!!


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