Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Bedford!

I really got down to business yesterday - I made FIVE of these large blocks. Yay! Now I have to make five more of the alternating block. This quilt is coming together! That good, right? Except my pile of quilt tops to quilt is already too big - haha!

It's a gorgeous day around here! It's about time - we've had several days of rain and I'm ready for the sun! Hubby's headed to the golf course and I'm staying home to relax and sew. My body is still recovering from my trip, but the good news is that this morning I finally woke up on Central time instead of on Eastern time.

I have a question for you all. I'm thinking of buying a wireless bluetooth device to listen to audio books while sewing without having the sound blast out into the room. I'll like the idea of one of those horseshoe shapes that goes around my neck. Any recommendations our there? Any thoughts? Do you have one and does it work well?

Today I'm planning on cutting appliqué pieces for Block 3 of the RFLQ...and I want to pull out my Farmer's Daughter blocks and make progress here. All the while I want to finish listening to my audio book - The Girl in Cabin 10 - it's a good one!

It will be a slow paced relaxing day - just what I need! Have a great one!


  1. I have the horseshoe variety Bluetooth headset and really like it. Has a long lasting battery life and when you must take one of the buds out it stays close! I would highly recommend.

  2. Is there a pattern for the New Bedford Quilt?


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