Monday, May 22, 2017


This was my first time attending a retreat since moving to the Auburn area. Boy, did I have fun! I was so impressed with the accommodations. I shared a lovely room with a friend. The sewing area was big and we each had a HUGE table to use.

And the food...
The food was amazing! I'm talking homemade scones every morning, along with eggs, grits, bacon or sausage, fruit. It was all delicious. And I ate too much. And I'll get back on track today, I promise!

My primary project was my dresden plate blocks. I posted the photo above on Facebook. After that I finished appliquéing all the remaining blocks and half blocks. Done! I didn't sew the blocks together because I plan to quilt this one block at a time and then put it together.

Then I dug into my New Bedford quilt. Remember, I had cut out the entire quilt a few weeks ago. What I discovered was that this pattern is made almost entirely from flying geese blocks. So I made hundreds of flying geese blocks. It was a very relaxing process. I did manage to put together two blocks, one each of the two alternating blocks. I need to make five more of each block. But all the parts and pieces are made and ready to sew. Good progress made!

With all these flying geese made, I ended up with HUNDREDS of bonus triangles...I see a quilt made with the leftovers in my future!

Before I left yesterday morning I began working on my Marmalade quilt kit. I made five strip sets - forgot to take a picture though. I need to make nine more strips sets. Good progress made on this quilt, too.

I didn't do any hand work to speak of - I spent all my time behind my sewing machine. My friends and I talked and laughed the entire time. I had a wonderful time!

I think going on a quilting retreat is akin to going to Disneyworld for a vacation. You have a blast. You go-go-go. So much fun! And you come home exhausted! I slept late this morning...

When I got home my African Violet was blooming for the first time! I knew it was getting close before I left. I want to get more of these plants. They're one of the few houseplants I have luck with.

Today I have to unpack and put everything away. And do laundry. And buy groceries. I plan to redo my weekly schedule later this week to get myself on track again.

More posts about retreat coming...
Have a great day!


  1. I can't believe they had the scones EVERY DAY. Usually they only give them to you once! I love those things. I feel even worse now about missing out. Glad to hear you had a good time.

  2. So glad you had such a good and productive time! Workshops are great! I'm getting too old now..just don't want to leave home! HA Glad you did!


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