Monday, May 15, 2017

Hexies! Tiny Hexies!

I finished the flowers!

Flowers and flowers and flowers....

So now it's time for the hexies in the corner...the honeycomb. The pattern came with this little template for 3/8" hexies. I only need about 20 of these.

So I traced and cut! I have lots of sizes of hexie papers, but not 3/8". Glad I didn't need more...

I made them all in yellows/golds - no Kaffe fabric here. I stayed up late last night appliquéing these in place.

I will say that this little corner of this block took several HOURS! These tiny hexies are maddening, even for me - a hexie lover!

Now that the hive is in place, I can work on the tiny bees. 

I know it seems this quilt is the only one I'm working on at the moment. I feels like that to me, too! But this week is retreat and I have LOTS of machine projects packed and ready to go.  I'm not sure about the Internet connection at the retreat, so I'll probably be taking a blogging break for the duration. But not yet! I'll still be around for a few more days...


  1. Love the hexies...just makes the piece!!!!

  2. 3/8" is way too small for me. I balk at anything smaller than 3/4! The block does look lovely.


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