Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cutting a Quilt Kit

I've had this Marmalade quilt kit in my stash for years. It's all Kaffe Fassett fabric - lots of my favorite color of orange. I don't even remember when or where I purchased it...maybe Houston? It was a great deal and I wasn't sure if I'd actually make the pattern called for or use the fabric in other projects. I decided I have plenty of other such fabrics so it was time for it to come out and play. So my mission was to do all the cutting.

First I had to fussy cut 13 9.25' squares from the focus fabric - here's what it looked like when I was done.

Then it was on to cutting strips and squares. Done!

Here are those larger squares.

I packed it up in a nice plastic tub; it's all ready to take to retreat.

I was a good girl and pressed and trimmed all the scraps as soon as I finished. Then I put them all away immediately. I've learned from living in our small home for a year that it is more important than ever to put things away. In our last home with my large sewing room, I would have piled the leftover fabrics on my cutting table. More scraps would have been piled on top. At some time in the distant future I would need to take care of the pile and it would take hours to deal with. Not any more! I'm a changed person! My mother is probably proud reading this - yes, she reads my blog. Hi Mom!

I'm thinking I'll do some machine quilting today. I plan on coming up with a new daily schedule after retreat when I see where I stand with all my ongoing projects. As of now I have several quilts in line for machine quilting - I think I need to add a second machine quilting day to my week.

I mentioned we've lived in our cottage for a year - the anniversary date was Saturday. When we went into this we always said that if we find it too small we'd simply sell and move on. The verdict is that it is absolutely perfect for us. We adore our sweet neighbors. We love spending so little time house cleaning. We love the amenities our neighborhood has. Of course...we still have two storage units full of stuff that needs to be dispersed...but some of that will happen next month. Yippee for that!

Okay...let's get this day started! Ready, set, SEW!


  1. I get inspired by your upbeat attitude, Julia. That's a gorgeous kit. Off to sew.

  2. A bigger house is just a bigger place to 'place' bigger things!


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