Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! And even if you are not a mother, I'll bet you have influenced a young person along the way - so Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Yesterday I met Daughter 1 at an art show. She showed up with a Chai Tea Latte for both of us - we sipped as we strolled. There were hand dyed linens.

And I really liked these paintings.

Jewelry was hung on antique spools. We had a nice time! Neither of us bought anything, but we both came away inspired.

Daughter 1 gave me this cool new tool - it's a Tweezerman spring to use instead of tweezers - I was so excited when I saw this! You know every woman needs good tweezers and this is the newest thing. I had heard of it and can't wait to try it. (Don't we all have a bit of unwanted facial hair?!)

And Daughter 2 gave me this on Thursday - again, I squealed when I opened it because I had seen it on Pinterest. These are tiny embroidery hoops - I can cross stitch or embroider or punch needle the design of my choice and put these together to make tiny embroidery hoop necklaces. 

What great gifts!

Hubby bought Cooper a Gentle Leader to help with his pulling issues during walks. He's not too fond of it at the moment, but I'm sure he'll get used to it.

a bit more about how I'm feeling this Mother's Day. 

Daughter 2 has been married for several years and is in a great position where she works - a great career as a Software Engineer.

Daughter 1 has been married one year today (Happy Anniversary!) and is finishing her Pharmacy Residency. She has recently landed a great job as a Pharmacy Professor beginning in July. 

A friend once told me that you want two things for your adult children: 
1. Love 
2. Career

As of a couple of weeks ago, BOTH of our kids have achieved these milestones. My first thought was, "My work here is done!" I am, of course, thrilled! But then (I have to admit) I had a bit of sadness. "Oh work here is done..." Both of our daughters have reassured me that my work here is NOT done - they will still need my advice and help and companionship. That makes me feel better! A mother's work is NEVER done! 

Are you wondering if my machine error issue fixed itself. NO! Ugh! I may have to finish quilting this quilt in a different way. And my machine may have to go to the shop... we'll see. 

So what am I doing today? Not much! Yesterday I make a broccoli salad and a black bean salad. We have Honey Baked Ham - so no cooking for me. I plan to relax and do some hand stitching. Ahhh....

Enjoy your day!


  1. Any idea where daughter 2 found the mini hoops? I've also seen them on Pinterest and agree that they would be great for punch needle. TIA.

  2. My sister uses a Gentle Leader with her dog and it works well. She's a rowdy Dalmatian.


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