Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mint Julep

The only thing I have to show from yesterday is a mint julep. Oh well.

I stayed busy all day long. Went to a new furniture store with Daughter 1. Did lots of house cleaning. Walked Cooper - my back is well now and I can do it alone if needed!

Okay, I did prepare some bee wings for appliqué, but that's not even worthy of a photo.  Haha!

Some friends came over in the late afternoon to see our little house. We sat on the porch enjoying a drink and some cheese. Then we took the golf cart for dinner at the hotel. Every restaurant in town was bound to be packed because it was Spring graduation yesterday. LOTS of people in town celebrating! There were many people eating at the hotel, too, but we didn't have any trouble getting a table outside by the pool. And yes, there were mint juleps all around!

Today is for relaxing. And hand sewing. And maybe a bit of fabric cutting. That's all...ahhh....

Have a relaxing day!

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