Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bees! Tiny Bees! And Hexie Jewelry!

Let's start with the hexie jewelry. This catalog came in the mail yesterday - never heard of this company before, but I LOVED their jewelry!

They have a line of HIVE items - right up my alley!

Aren't these gorgeous? Especially for those of us who love HEXIES! www.mignonfaget.com

And now for the bees. Yesterday I cut out all the fabric pieces for the little bees. Last night I appliqu├ęd 3 1/3 bees in place. I put a thimble in the photo so you can see how small they are.

As you can see, my little bees are not all the same.

I had fun using different fabrics for the wings and bodies. The pattern called for 18 little bees. I have 10 planned, though I can always add more if I change my mind.

Today is packing day. The clothes are easy to pack. The sewing stuff - ugh! I've been piling my precut projects in the guest bedroom for a couple of weeks so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Those bees are tiny! But so darn cute! And the jewelry is beautiful!!! WOW!!! Now to hit the lottery! HA


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